Concerning the COVID-19 Virus 



Our Reopening Plan ~ Cast/Crew Approach to Safety

This is what we have done to protect everyone during the Covid Restrictions:

  • Upgraded our air filtration system to M.E.R.V. 13 Filters (The Same Filters Hospitals Use) Superior filter that blocks bacteria, smoke, and other microscopic particles.
  • All Staff and Guests must wear a mask when in the showroom.  This helps to protect our cast on stage who WILL NOT be wearing a mask.
  • We now seat only 85 Guests per show with socially distanced chairs.  We have added tables to the showroom to make it more cabaret style.
  • We look forward to entertaining you while you visit the theatre.

What we ask of you:

At the theatre, we ask you to Follow the Steps for a Safe Entertainment Environment:
• Practice safe hygiene. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often. Restrooms and hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the theatre.
• Use contactless buying options. Buy your tickets ahead of time online.
• Follow social distancing guidelines. Be respectful of others, especially when forming lines for check-in and restrooms. When entering the theatre, we will have open seating except for our VIP area. We have removed some of our seating to allow for social distancing between people. We ask that you choose your own seating to be comfortable during the performance.
• Our cast will be staying on stage and not shaking hands after the show. Our cast normally goes into the audience and the show happens all around you. We have temporarily stopped this for the safety of our cast. Also, the cast will temporarily not be available after the show for photos, hugs and handshakes.

  • We ask all of our guests to wear a face mask so we can protect our cast during the performance

• Be safe and have fun! Our crew is taking extra cleaning steps to keep you safe, and we appreciate your patience during the process.


For the safety of all guests, cast and crew:  Anyone who has a fever, cough, any sign of sickness, or verbally threatens to have COVID-19 is not allowed on GTS property and will be asked to leave. 

What you can expect from us:

For the safety of our guests, we have increased our cleaning efforts to include the following:
• Conduct hourly cleanings of the restrooms to ensure soap, hand sanitizer and overall cleanliness. If you notice anything that needs cleaning attention immediately, please let one of our crew members know.
• Clean high touch areas frequently. You will notice our crew members wiping down high touch areas like door handles, snack bar area and the lobby area.
• Wipe down seating areas regularly. Please be patient with our crew as we proactively wipe down the seating in between shows. In addition, a deep clean will take place every evening with a non-toxic spray solution.
• Together we can follow the steps to enjoy live entertainment and family fun once again!


Questions about the Covid 19 Refund/Exchange Policy

Ladies and Gentlemen,

During this pandemic GTS Theatre has taken the precautions to keep our Performers, Staff and Guests safe. We are abiding by all city, county, state and federal ordinances in regards to the Covid-19 Virus.

For those that have made reservations:

1.  We have extended your tickets for up to four years
2.  We can exchange your tickets for gift certificates so you are able to gift them to someone coming to the area.

3.  What we are UNABLE to do is Return your money. When you purchased tickets thru GTS you answered three questions. The third question is that you understand there are no refunds only exchanges available.

This Covid 19 virus is affecting the entire country/world. We all did not plan or ever see anything like this coming. We pray you and your family stay safe and when this is lifted and tourism is back in everyone’s plans GTS Theatre will be reopening and ready to give you and your family a variety of Excellent Shows.


GTS Theatre