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Hypnosis Show for School Groups

Clean Comedy School Entertainment that Creates Memories for Life!

Meet the Hypnotists: Hypnotists Rich & Elizabeth Wylde are the perfect entertainment solution for your upcoming Middle School, High school and College school field trip to Myrtle Beach. Rich & Elizabeth Wylde have worked with middle schools, high schools and college entertainment committees all over the USA to create unforgettable memories, events and learning opportunities that the students will be talking about at their high school reunions! The Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show is a fun, energetic, and tastefully delivered program designed to truly engage your students. Imagine your students: Laughing hysterically, applauding wildly, and participating enthusiastically all while learning valuable information about the History of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Comedy Hypnosis!

The Show:
The Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show is safe, family friendly entertainment that is suitable for any type of school outing. The performance has a sensational quality that appeals to students who are otherwise difficult to impress. Yet, administrators and parents will be pleased with the content. Unlike other Comedy Hypnotist Shows that embarrass their participants with routines that are only appropriate for an adult nightclubs, this show provides hilarious School entertainment for all grades from K-12 to College students without resorting to cheap laughs. The Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show will have FUN with the participants. Your students will NOT be barking like dogs or meowing like cats, they will be engaged in Fun Hypnosis Skits where they may find a strange odor coming from the person next to them, riding an imaginary roller coaster, and even singing and dancing and many other similar fun hypnosis skits.

The Stars of the Show: Your students are self-selecting audience volunteers. The students become the actual stars of the show! This performance is the perfect school entertainment choice for: Grad Night Events, Student Leadership Conferences, Sports Conferences, Field Trips, Band Groups, Spring Breakers, Service Learning groups and other activities that bring the students to the Myrtle Beach Area.

Learning Opportunity and Curriculum: Hypnotists Rich and Elizabeth Wylde will provide your students with Curriculum based learning opportunities about Self Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Comedy Hypnosis, History of Hypnosis and Psychology along with providing information to the students about being on stage and the extensive planning that goes into performing a show. Making this an educational experience that is Fun and fascinating at the same time. The additional benefit of this program is that your students learn the truth about hypnosis and their own inherent abilities to employ visualization techniques to increase their self-esteem, sharpen their study skills, and achieve their goals.
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The Theatre:
GTS Theatre hosts students while creating an environment that is guaranteed to be safe and alcohol free. GTS Theatre has also chosen to not have a liquor license and therefore being an alcohol free theatre. School entertainment committees are often perplexed about how to keep their students engaged for such an extended period of time especially during the evening hours? The Wild 4 Hypnosis show is the most engaging and eagerly anticipated activity of the evening. It’s no exaggeration to say that the show will keep 100% of your students absolutely enthralled for the duration of the 90 minute performance. Your students will experience maximum fun in the context of a safe environment for them to enjoy themselves. The theatre is also all on one level for any handicapped members of your group. However, the handicapped members will not be able to participate on stage for safety reasons.

Stage Insurance Policy:
Hypnotists Rich & Elizabeth Wylde carry a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy. They have never had a claim or accident and do not expect one. This insurance is in place because you are working with a school entertainment professionals.

What is Hypnosis? Can you Get Stuck In Hypnosis?
Hypnosis itself is absolutely safe. Sometimes people ask: Is possible to get “stuck” in the trance state? The answer is no. Getting stuck in hypnosis is impossible. The trance state is very similar to daydreaming. Nobody ever gets “stuck” in a daydream or trapped in the middle of an afternoon / evening nap! It’s an unknown but natural phenomena, engagingly revealed by your entertainers and well-known hypnosis experts, Rich and Elizabeth Wylde. What the general public does not realize is that hypnosis is a state of intense mental focus, like being “in the zone” at a level of peak performance and everyone that has an I.Q. above 90 has the ability to self-hypnotize themselves. Therefore, if you hear someone say I can’t be hypnotized they are misinformed as to what hypnosis really is and they actually do it to themselves several times a day.

Student Safety:
As with any audience participation program, it’s necessary to exercise care to prevent the possibility of on-stage accidents such as spraining an ankle, etc. Every precaution is taken to ensure the well-being of the student participants at all times. The kids will NOT be out of control at all. The participants will be well managed and in control the entire time. This is the safe, conservative, clean comedy show that you can feel good about booking for your milestone event. You will get an outstanding performance that is both administrator approved and enthusiastically received by your students. Clean comedy School Hypnotists Rich & Elizabeth Wylde have an impeccable, trouble free record of hundreds of shows and events just like the one you’re planning on attending. They are specialists in school group’s entertainment and are well aware of the needs and concerns of parents and school administrators. You can have confidence that your event will not only be entertaining, but will also be completely safe and most importantly FUN for the Students!

Annual Event with School Field Trips:
The Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show is a highly anticipated part of the annual event calendar with schools nationwide visiting the Wyldes in Wisconsin Dells and now in Myrtle Beach, SC.

This show is extremely popular for All Students Groups, Post Prom Activity, Good Behavior Awards, End of Quarter/Semester. Basically, anytime of the School Year is a great time to Take in The Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show – Remember to ask about special show times for groups of 50 or more students, if needed.