Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party in Myrtle Beach

GTS Theatre Is The #1 Nighttime Show For Bachelorette Parties and Boy do we know how to celebrate and have a great time!


The Bachelorette Party has become a new tradition these days – a time for you to share with your best girlfriends. Even though you will be joining the world of “married couples,” you’re letting your friends know that you can still have fun with them and be a part of their lives. Tailor it to something you know you’ll enjoy…Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show. Don’t let last minute planning keep you from throwing the best Bachelorette party. Here at Big Laughs Theatre, we see ourselves as party experts here to help you prepare the perfect Bachelorette party for the bride-to-be.

Home of the MINI MOON!
Theater is Home of the MINI MOON

Minimoon – The Bride will Receive a Mini Honeymoon From Big Laughs Theatre – 3 Day 2 Night + Round Trip Airfare… We are the Only Place that Gives the Bachelorette A Gift Just For Attending The Show with Her Party! Best of all – not affiliated with any timeshare – so she won’t have to take a tour… Just 2 nights and 3 days of complete Fun and Bliss!A Minimoon – The Bride receives a 3 day 2 night vacation including airfare… A gift from GTS Theatre – For Celebrating With Us! The Bachelorette Creed & A Fun Announcement of the Bride to Be on Stage. There are no extra charges for this party.

Bachelorette Party Comments:

I still can’t believe it. We were at a show in July 2015 with our bachelorette party. The bride is from Myrtle Beach, but we all traveled in to be a part of her celebration. This is by far the best thing we did for the weekend. Karen almost fell over when she was given a trip to the Pocono’s. I am so glad we picked the Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show at one of our main things to do for the weekend. A Special Thanks to Beth for taking care of our group and making Karen’s party so great! I’m not sure if you know this or not, but Karen and Russ couldn’t afford a honeymoon and with your gift to them they are able to take a MINIMOON! Thank you Thank you Thank you – Sheila G.

​“OMG – Totally Funny – Read This Especially Bachelorette’s” Reviewed April 5, 2014
​Best bachelorette party idea ever. We decided on a destination Bachelorette party. We had people coming in from everywhere. Since the bride loves the beach we went to Myrtle Beach. Turns out itwas freezing and our plans went bust. We found this hypnosis show and decided as a group we would all go together. We arrived to the show and the greeter ” Andy” was so funny he was teasing our grandma so much we thought he was the opening act. The lady hypnotist came out and welcomed our group personally it was cool. She presented this bachelorette oath to us which was great and we could all sign it as a keepsake for her. Then it was time for the show. The hypnotist’s came out and had a few laughs. Then it was time to volunteer. They didnt pick anybody. So we had three of our group on stage. They gave us a choice of two shows. Mild or Wild we of course chose the wild. The things people did on stage was extremely funny. They said the show was adult and i was worried about my grandma she actually got up and volunteered, something we never expected. I am so glad she volunteered. All i can say is you have to see this show. Grandpa Ernie passed away 7 years ago and grandma didnt take it well but she was so happy when she got off stage. She said she remembered everything. The best part was the ending of the show. Grandma was smiling from ear to ear. Im not going to spoil it since you have to see this to believe it. The show didnt do anything disgusting, as mentioned in a couple of the reviews. Which again made us a little hesitant on bringing grandma but i am so glad we did choose to go. My mom laughed so hard at grandma on stage her sides hurt for three days after the show. We bought a dvd of that nights show and last weekend we had the wedding and showed the ending part of the show with grandma everyone atthe reception was laughing really hard. Im sure everyone will make their way to see the show. I must say it is the best show to see in town. Thanks for making a night so memoriable and making grandma laugh again at the silly things she did. LOVE THIS SHOW!Visited March 2014